At Trait Media our designs don’t just look good;
we work hard to deliver a unique and sophisticated
style that aligns with each of our clients’ personalities.
We offer creative design solutions for print, web and
the big screen for SMEs, startups and brands

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We will help you to achieve your goals,  grow your business and maximise your potential.


Getting the style & UX just right is critical to delivering the right impression for your potential customers before they even begin interacting with you.

Your designs must posses the ability to grab readers attention, create desire, maintain interest and ultimately inspire action.

We know that if your brand stands out above your competitors, then potential customers are more likely to engage with your business. Therefore we like to be bold and utilise the very latest trends and technologies, whilst ensuring that your brand looks fresh, on point and as forward thinking as possible.

We not only offer fantastic designs but we work closely with our clients on each project to create a long term relationship of trust and mutual respect. From branding and advertising, to direct mail and content marketing campaigns, Trait Media’s creative designers and copy writers will bring your brand message to life.


Every brand has a story to tell and that story connects your audience with your products, content, and experiences.


Triggering and nurturing authentic connections between our partners and their audiences

Trait Media Ltd


We use computer-generated images (CGI) to visualise your ideas in 3D and create a photo-realistic subject.


Leveraging creative design, motion and code to convey the message of your brand and to start a dialogue with your customers.

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Cutting edge creative designs for SMEs, startups and brands


Our Process


Everything starts with detailed research, discovery and analysis. From market trends to the competitive landscape, we immerse ourselves in our clients goals and objectives.



A streamlined plan of action is devised with all of our clients along with set benchmarks so we can track the results. This comprehensive strategic plan is fundamental to the success of any campaign.



Turning the tables on our creative juices, we engage in testing our designs on a range of consumers to ensure the results are favourable and refine as necessary whilst reporting on progress.



Once you are 100% satisfied with the results, your designs are ready to launch and we can begin tracking visitor behaviour, insights and key metrics, implementing adjustments accordingly for informed marketing decisions on future brand initiatives.


What we Offer

Logo Design / Corporate Identity

Advertising / Media Strategy

Product Design and Development

Promotional Materials

Events / Tradeshows

Brand Development

Website Design / Development

Social Media Content / Strategy

Video / Motion Graphics / CGI

Rich Media Advertising / Banner Ads

Why Choose Us

Everything we do begins with detailed research and discovery

Our Agile Company Methodology is proven and effective

Strong focus on business requirements and ROI

No compromise on quality

We’re quick to respond to our clients needs

Delivering services and solutions right for your business

Centred around technology and consumer engagement

We deliver intelligent brand experiences for our clients

We use a delicate balance of form and function

Happy clients means we're doing something right


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Lets Get Started
on your project

We will help you to achieve your goals,
grow your business and maximise your potential.


Things we have Done

We are building bridges in creative design in order to connect our client’s goal to reality