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Mandarina by Skunk® is a luxurious, mellow citrus scent, bottled after years of searching for just the right ingredients.

Inspired by the fresh flower scent of the Mandarina cannabis plant, grown high in the Andalusian mountains of Europe; creating a unique unisex scent that evolves throughout the day.

It hits the perfect high note, in exciting, unexpected ways.

Curious? You should be.

Mandarina by Skunk® features the fragrance of the Mandarina cannabis plant – one of nature’s most elusive, exclusive scents. Buds are harvested from the mountains of Andalucía, in Spain at every stage of their development, to create a hypnotic, multi-faceted aroma.

Skunk® Fragrances extensive research over 8 years lead to the conclusion that the smell of the Mandarina plant would create a beautiful fragrance. A wide variety of plants with different aromas were tested and trialled but non were as captivating as the Mandarina plant. Which lead to the birth of Mandarina by Skunk®.

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mandarina by skunk your best christmas present yet
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About this project

Trait Media were commissioned by Skunk Fragrance to develop the brand identity and engage with their target audience through the development of a new website, video and marketing campaign and print material.

The key here was to touch on the taboo, whilst attracting a high calibre audience who were looking for a truly high end fragrance whilst keeping the tongue-in-cheek element.

We developed a marketing campign through Facebook and Imstagram to build up a large following and grow the brand identity – ultimately delivering the sales.

We developed a brand ambassador program for Skunk Fragrance which attracted a lot of international attention and lead to a growth in followers and sales from teritories such as France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.

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