We know how difficult it is to keep an unbiased opinion on your own business when you are deeply passionate about it. The Trait Media team will approach you with a fresh perspective that is outside the box. We meet one on one with the leaders and key decision makers of your business to truly uncover what makes your business stand out. We did deep for the good and the bad and then explore the competition, determine trends, what is working and what is not so we can set a baseline for your brand positioning.

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We gather data from your team and we analyse the competition which in turn reveals underlying and recurring themes. This will bring your company personality to the surface and allow us to identify your key strengths, opportunities, threats and weaknesses. We develop a comprehensive brand strategy and project plan based on the discovery data and our research, which is designed to ensure your business makes the right moves with your audience.

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Armed with our trusty designer pens, pencils and stylus’s we delve in to the creative world to experiment and collaborate to bring your brand to life. This is the bit that we love best, where our creative juices flow and we can create brand experiences that will truly captivate your audience. The information architectures that we develop help to lead a user towards a clear goal – an endgame – which is your win win. We work on an agile design and development schedule, refining our works in iterative cycles, so you can review and offer insight and approval at every stage.

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There is no point in setting off if we don’t know where we are going, so before we start we agree on the final destination. With each of our projects we set goals, targets, metrics and KPI’s to monitor the performance of our work and ensure everything is running smoothly. We are entirely transparent in the way that we work and keep you completely informed 100% of the way.

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